Monday, June 04, 2007

Have cooked my way through May's Gourmet Quick Kitchen (Speedy May Meals) and also Ten Minute Mains and am reporting:

-the masala spiced potatoes and tandoori chicken are just my beloved roast chicken and potatoes with different flavor, but are definitely worth adding to one's repertoire.

-the asian meatballs with dipping sauce are okay, especially if you have leftover ground pork you needed a use for anyway. The sauce, though, is awful. I think I maybe just got a bum lime.

-open faced chicken cordon bleu is, my husband reports, identical to a dish served at Sizzler called Malibu Chicken. I can neither confirm nor deny that report but will say it is excellent with a side of creamed chard.

-Seared Scallops with Creamy Noodles and Pasta were a huge hit, and I only wish I liked pasta more because I'd be making it all the freaking time- I loved the scallops and the sauce.

I also made a chinese style pork tenderloin from The Quick Recipe that I kind of wanted to marry- the pork was just rubbed in five spice powder, pan seared and then roasted, and then glazed with a sauce, but it was so, so, so freaking good. It didn't even need brining! It kicks the char siu from the Gourmet Cookbook's butt eight ways til Sunday, for anyone keeping track of chinese style pork recipes at home. (Maybe that would just be me).

Tonight we are having BLTs at my husband's request- I made these BLTs the other summer with homemade mayonnaise and the perfect tomatoes (which I had just picked from outside and grown myself) and fresh sourdough, and he constantly says, "Why don't you make those BLTs?" in, you know, February. I gave up and am going to make them with TJ's tomatoes and Best Foods just to SHOW him. We are not moving to a home with a yard til after tomato season is done, so I do not anticipate heavenly BLTs until next summer.


Anonymous said...

"for anyone keeping track of chinese style pork recipes at home".

Yes, thank you, that would be me.

Oh, and "the perfect tomatoes (which I had just picked from outside and grown myself)" and the fact that you're moving to a house with a yard for tomato-growing?


Jecca said...

Maybe you can do the scallops and sauce with rice?