Monday, June 11, 2007

I have been obsessing over King Ranch Chicken ever since my friend Teri posted this picture. Thanks to the internet, I was able to find the Cook's Country recipe typed in and slated it for last night.

Of course, I then read yesterday in the New York Times Magazine that the wealthy do not eat casseroles, which made me think it must be kind of sad to be rich. Especially if being rich means you do not eat this King Ranch casserole, because boy howdy was it delicious. Soupy-watery, but delicious. And topped with Fritos!

I am currently eating the reheated leftovers and think the secret may be the reheating, like any great casserole. It is much less soupy, and all delicious. The flavors have, if you will, melded. Rotel and cumin, cream and chicken stock, and oh yes, Fritos. It is not super healthy but it is super comforting.

(In other news, the Trader Joe's product of the week is their Harvest Grain blend- couscous, quinoa, dried garbanzo beans and orzo- makes for a brilliant easy side dish, perfect with lamb chops.)


Anonymous said...

Hannah - there are hundreds of versions of this. Which one did you use?


Hannah said...

From here:

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