Friday, January 04, 2008

When I was growing up, each Thanksgiving dinner, we got to choose one food that we did not have to eat at ALL the whole next year. I always struggled between broccoli and squash. Broccoli usually won, and I still hate it, though I cook it occasionally and try to stir-fry it or dip it in cheese or put it in soup. (Squash, though, I love.)

So Jeff was surprised when I put broccoli puree on the menu this week, from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. I was more than surprised- I was shocked- to find that I liked it. I liked it a lot. With scallions, and butter, and a splash of cream and a very, very healthy grating of nutmeg? Broccoli is pretty good. I had three helpings.

We'll see how Nathan likes it at lunch today- he is pretty over purees now that he can feed himself. Yesterday we had forgotten to go to the store so we had scrambled eggs and roasted sweet potato fries for lunch. Did you know you can eat scrambled eggs with your hands? Nathan can, and I had scrambled three eggs, thinking that would be plenty for the two of us, but Nathan ate more than half of them. I can't imagine where he got such a good appetite.