Friday, May 23, 2003

Last night I went over and cooked for Jeff, to make up for my guilty all alone salmon. I made the pea soup with the mushroom custard that was in the NYT Sunday Magazine a few weeks ago. Mainly because I wanted to fix something (pea soup) that Jeff loves, and also because I wanted to finally use my blender.

The custards came out very, very stinky. So we tossed them. The soup, however, was delicious, and I don't really even like pea soup that much. (I also realized last night that I like mushrooms more in theory than in practice. In practice I only like them sauteed in lots of butter with garlic, but I like just about anything if you sautee it in enough butter with enough garlic.)

I love the puree-ing power of my blender more than is healthy, I suspect.