Thursday, May 22, 2003

Yesterday (and today, and tomorrow, and until I start my real job) I had the day off. I spent most of it running errands- it's amazing how many things pile up when you're working 9-7. But I had some time at home to pack and work on fixing a few things in my thesis. I felt guilty, since Jeff is out of work and I could have gone over there, but I know if I had, I wouldn't have gotten anything done. In order to enjoy the weekend, I have to get everything done before then.

Mainly I feel guilty because when I'm home alone I eat well, and when Jeff is home alone, he eats frozen pizza. When I was single I felt it was important to cook for myself, if only to live like a civilized person. Now it feels unfair.

Regardless, I had another egg white omelet with some of the leftover feta and some apple-honey ham for lunch, and for dinner I made the single girl salmon from Cooking for Mr. Latte . I skipped the lentils, and added some garlic to the shallots, which I caramelized more than the recipe called for. Next time I'll either skip the garlic, or add it much later since it browns so much more quickly than the shallots. The salmon skin didn't come off in one swift movement, but the recipe did say it takes practice. It was delicious, regardless. I had it with a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette- I used walnut oil for the vinaigrette. It was delicious, but a guilty pleasure. Next time I'll make it for Jeff, too.