Thursday, October 02, 2003

So I have to admit, despite my Everyone Can Cook fanaticism, I was a bit worried about Jeff cooking dinner. Not because of my lack of faith in Jeff per se, but because we don't cook well together so I worried about him alone.

As it turns out, the problem is me. Jeff isn't helpful in the kitchen because I don't really explain what I need done or why or what for- I just say "Can you get me this?" and then get impatient when he doesn't know immediately where it is or where I want him to put it. Because he can read minds, you know.

Anyway. That plus the fact that when I first started cooking I was a big mess- constantly getting halfway through something and realizing I'd forgotten to grate the cheese or chop the herbs or whatever and freaking right out. And also the fact that he picked macaroni and cheese from How To Cook Everything: The Basics, which entailed making a bechamel. I was nervous.

For no reason. I came home and Jeff had just started the pasta- and he had already assembled all of his mise en place, down to having all the pots and pans he would need out and in position. He'd made his own breadcrumbs! And then he calmly worked his way through the recipe and produced a quite tasty mac and cheese. Moral: Jeff is quite good in the kitchen when given a chance. Hannah is a crazy control freak.