Monday, January 26, 2004

Friday night we had spaghetti squash fritters or pancakes or something- I was hard pressed to figure out what to do with the spaghetti squash, to be honest- and duck with honey and mustard from the NYT a while back. It was okay, and Jeff really liked it. The first time I had duck was at a Thai restaurant on Beacon Hill and ever since then all I've really wanted duck to be was like that, and I'm always a little disappointed when it isn't.

We had a lot of eggs this weekend, too- scrambled eggs, and omelets. Yesterday I made challah again, and it came out a billion times better than my first attempt. It rose better, and was a softer bread, and didn't, you know, burn on the bottom. I don't know how anyone makes it by hand, though.

I also made roast chicken and have decided I have to brine from now on. I didn't brine, and after the meltingly delicious brined and then soaked in buttermilk fried chicken of last week, this just didn't compare.