Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Last night I decided to revisit the Cook's Illustrated sole meuniere, only with the almonds I had forgotten to add the first time. So sole amandine. At Whole Foods they had two varieties of sole and two of trout and I decided to get the trout. Then I got home and decided to skin the fillets myself, because I don't like skin. I got partway through the first fillet, almost mangling it, before giving up. Mark Bittman, in How To Cook Everything, claims it is simple if you have a sharp knife. Liar.

Then I stomped around pouting about how I'd ruined one of the fillets. Then I pinboned them both and cooked them and they cooked perfectly, mangled fillet and all. Cook's Illustrated's meuniere is mangle proof. And delicious. The almonds were an amazing toasted nutty addition. Hands down, my favorite fish. And, as it turns out, Jeff loves skin, so he ate his with the skin and my abandoned skin. I know it's full of vitamins and the best part and all. Just like broccoli, so I must hate it.

Speaking of Mark Bittman, right when I'm thrilled to see my Cooking Light subscription lapse- he shows up with pages and pages of recipes. I'm going to see who next month's chef is and may reup, just for that. I'm making his shrimp in green sauce (which looks suspiciously like his fish in green sauce from HTCE) tonight and after reading his articles about jook both in the NYT and CL, have to try it.