Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Last night I made the chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes from this month's Cooking Light, and I served it with the always a favorite browned butter orzo "risotto" from A New Way To Cook. (Y'all, this recipe alone is worth a large part of the price of a book. It's one of my favorite side dishes in the world.)

The chicken, while it sounded complicated, merely required some intense mise en place. After that it was a snap (well, except for the fact that the honking giant organic chicken breasts you get at Bristol Farms ain't gonna cook all the way through, especially if it's stuffed, on the stove top. I browned them and then stuck them in the oven.). My one problem was that it was posited as a "Here's what you can do with a paring knife" type article, and I think the kind of people who have the skills to easily make this dish- who are hardcore with their mise en place and who know their way around a pan sauce- aren't going to need a pictorial for "Here is how you hold a paring knife." And the people who don't know their way around a paring knife (I know, I was once one of those people) will be very, very scared by this recipe.

Nonetheless- it was delicious. The goat cheese with browned shallots and garlic and chives and sundried tomatoes inside, the crisp chicken outside, and the delicious pan sauce killed me, they were so good. The sauce spilled onto the orzo, making a perfect side dish Even Better. Yum.