Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Last night I made Julia Reed's unbrined chops, which, like the Cook's Illustrated Weeknight Pork Chops, were just cooked in a pan with a sauce. Julia Reed has you brine your chops, and then braise them in wine and chicken stock, and then make a pan sauce with the braising liquid. And y'all? That just does not make for the tender chops that Cook's crazy start with a cold pan, then cook covered method does.

There was one more pork chop recipe with that Julia Reed article- stuffed pork chops- that in the interest of science, I must try. But across the brined pork chop recipe, I had written "Excellent" before putting it back in the photo album I use to store recipes I've torn from newspapers. Across the regular pork chop recipe, I wrote, "Not so excellent."