Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The other books I got from thegoodcook.com were The Quick Recipe and Cooking For Comfort, both of which I read last night, because I am a dork.

Cooking For Comfort didn't impress me that much, although I do want to try the roast chicken from Bouley- though I don't know if it's worth it to buy a vertical roaster. (Or, for that matter, how much a vertical roaster costs. Or what a vertical roaster is.)

And at first, reading the Quick Recipe, I got exasperated- many of the recipes/reviews were familiar from my back issue's of Cook's Illustrated and the two of the three America's Test Kitchen books I already own. However, most people are not such completist freaks... AND, for those of us who are, many of these recipes have been tweaked. For instance, their sole meuniere, which has been part of my repertoire since they ran it in CI, has capers added, and also includes instructions on how to cook green beans to go with it. Which is actually a quite handy way to treat quick dinners- instead of separate recipes for side dishes and main dishes, instructions for the complete meal in one place.

A lot of the recipes are new, too, and a lot of them look delicious. They have a smoked trout spread which has fewer ingredients than the Cooking Light spread T mentioned in my comments last week but looks equally good (and which I'll definitely be trying).

I now have a moratorium on cookbook purchasing until I get a new bookshelf- my cookbooks currently take up two shelves, the entire top of our sideboard, much of the shelf space on the bottom of our coffee table, and are stacked precariously atop our side table. And I do mean precariously. However, that new Gourmet cookbook is making my self imposed moratorium very, very hard to stick to- anyone bought it yet?